CEO’s Story

30 March 2017…

A day that was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.

On this day, I was conferred with my BSc Mining Engineering Honours Degree. I was proud of myself because I endured 4 years of an entire Engineering degree, in record time – at Wits University.

While I was really proud of myself for choosing a course and sticking to it successfully, I was not happy. Mining was not what I wanted for my life. I had never, ever imagined myself becoming an Engineer. My dream was always to work closely with people – developing them, teaching them, activating their full potential and helping them achieve great success. Not Engineering!

But, it was the degree I studied towards and I had to make the most of it. So, I got some experience in the Mining field…

At the beginning of 2017, after completing my vacation work at a gold mine in the Westrand, I was offered a 3-year internship, because I’d done so well in presenting my research project as a vac student.

At face-value I was chuffed, but in my heart, I was unsettled.

I still knew that MINING WASN’T IT. I prayed to God for guidance and He told me to let it go if it wasn’t what I wanted. So… I declined the offer. With no other job prospects!

God, in His faithfulness, came through for me. Shortly after declining this offer, I was offered another internship at a mining technical consulting firm. I accepted and worked there for just under a year.

Every day of my time there felt empty. I wasn’t where my passions and skills belonged.

I was out of ALIGNMENT.

To get myself out of this rut, I went on an EARNEST PURSUIT. I asked God to reveal my purpose to me because I knew that THAT is what was missing.

I left that job and went in a completely different direction. The finance industry.

I share the full details of my transition on YouTube:

Part 1: How I switched careers from engineering to banking

Part 2: Mining Consultant to Banking Analyst

I entered the Corporate world through a Graduate Programme at one of Pan-Africa’s leading banks, and the eyes of my youth were opened. I settled well into the corporate life. I got the look, the car, and the corporate lingo. Through my Employer, I got access to resources and people that would help with my personal and professional development.

However, there was something I could not shake off: Here I was working in a beautiful building with people who drove expensive cars and dressed in class. They had money and were making impressive moves within corporate; but so many of them were empty on the inside.

Many of them expressed how they would rather be elsewhere doing different things with their lives. They dreaded every day they had to wake up and go to work. Their jobs caused them to miss important moments in their children’s lives and gradually compromise their values and integrity. Hard-working individuals got over-looked for prestigious roles while smooth talkers got ahead. They sacrificed their mental and physical health to always be on the grind. They closed deals for their business units, but no deals were closed for their own dreams.

I saw myself in these people. Their disposition mirrored how I felt and what I was going through. The only difference was that I was not willing to ignore that feeling and live a life of dread. It was my consistent, earnest plea and my dedication to go after a life of meaning and work a job that aligns to my purpose that the road to purpose discovery became clear. God gave me a blueprint and I applied it to my life, and things have never been the same since that moment!

It was when the reality of Corporate SA became so vivid to me that I got clear on who I was then called to rescue with what I now knew.

My mandate is this: To guide Young Professionals who feel stuck in careers they settled for and jobs they quite frankly hate; to discover their purpose and turn it into a FULFILLING, IMPACTFUL and SUSTAINABLE profession.

For this reason, I founded

Purpose Practitioners Club (Pty) Ltd.