Mpumi K. Mbonane

I was in conversation with a friend of mine over the weekend and he asked me: “Friend, in all honesty, how is it that everything in your life is working so seamlessly?”

I gave him so much detail in my response and he was blown away. Here’s what I told him:

The secret is that I have found my DOMINO – The one piece that causes everything else to fall in place. Or the first piece that needs to be tipped over, to ensure that all other pieces fall over too, without having to strive to tip the others individually.

The truth is, so many things are competing for our attention. And so many people, for our affection. More often than not, we’re stretched way too thin, and nothing gets the best of us, because we’re spent.

This is also true for me. I have quite a number things going on. And I value those things. But I have found that in wanting to be all things to all people, and wanting to be always present for everything, I often come up short.

But that all changes when I simply focus on going full steam on my one/first domino. When I am 100% about just tipping over that domino, my life flows so so well.

When my first domino is tipped:

  • I am my most creative.
  • I am my most productive.
  • I am an incredible person to the people around me.
  • I speak sense and people’s hearts are moved.
  • I do great work.
  • I don’t struggle with anxiety.
  • I make great decisions.
  • I am alert and vigilant (almost nothing throws me off)
  • I experience blessings.
  • I’m happier and healthier.

All without trying [hard].

I just focus on my domino and that takes care of everything else.

So what is your domino?

What is the one thing you should focus on so that it sets everything else in motion, or it sorts most other things out so that you don’t have to over-exert yourself or stretch yourself too thin?

Find it and your life will change. I promise you!

My domino is my purpose. My life flows seamlessly from this place.

And I love that I help other professionals find their domino too. It fulfills me when they can finally structure their lives such that they can give their best attention to this domino and watch every other area of their lives fall into place.

The first domino you will have to tip right now, to get into your own flow, is clicking right here. What happens next will blow your mind.