Can I be honest with you?

Nothing bores me as much as someone who continuously expresses:

  • I won’t turn 30 without owning that luxury car
  • I drive around this affluent part of town and see myself in those mansions
  • That’s my future wife
  • I’m the next CEO of this organization
  • And all the other stuff dreamers say.

Don’t get me wrong, dreaming is important. But it is such a waste of time if all you’re doing is dreaming.

I think what actually bores me is when I hear the things that dreamers say and look at their lives in the present. The contrast is too stark.

And before you come at me and say “but that’s the point of dreams; seeing yourself outside of your current circumstance or situation…” hear me out:

If something is a dream of yours, your life – and how you live it – should be pointing in the direction of that dream.

Oh you want to drive that luxury car?

Are you saving money each month for it’s deposit?

You want to live in affluence?

Are you making the means to increase your salary potential or do you have additional means of income to afford you that type of home?

Your future wife you say?

Are you dating with purpose? Doing the work to heal from childhood traumas that might stifle any healthy relationship you want have? Is money being put aside for the wedding and the subsequent marriage? Are y’all having critical conversations or is it just vibes?


Are you positioned to be next in line? As in practically, not in your dreams. Is the organization aware of your aspirations and is there a succession plan that has you in mind?

The dreams people have are limitless; I could never cover each of them. And all of them are valid. Totally valid.

But a dream without a plan, a strategy, and some timelines is a waste of time.

You can’t get caught up in being a dreamer that does not even wake up, get out of bed and pursue that dream.

You know what your version of a “bed” is. It may be your “cushy” Corporate job that pays the bills but sucks the life out of you. You may have told yourself it’s comfortable when you know for a fact that suppressing your real dreams has caused you the most discomfort. I’m not bringing this up to mock you; I’m bringing it up to wake you up…

So I’ll ask you this:

  • Do your dreams have a strategy?
  • Do they have timelines?
  • Have you at least identified milestone markers – an indication of how far from or close to your dream you are?

If not, get on it!

And if you’d like to save yourself the stress of having to figure out how to create this critical path on your own, I’d love nothing more than to be the bridge to help you cross over to your dreams. They deserve to see the light of day, and you deserve to experience them in real life.

Are you in? Click right here to get started.