Discovering my Purpose – Online Course


You’ve seen people flaunt their “purpose-driven lives” around you and have had no idea how you can go about discovering your purpose.

You’ve also probably read books and listened to talks, but none of them have been practical enough for you to know exactly what your purpose is and how to live it out.

You’re tired of living a meaningless, unfulfilling life – working to pay the bills and one day die.

You’ve felt for a while that you have been created for more and you want to tap into the “more”

Consider this the day your struggles end!

Discovering my purposeĀ is an online course that will help you go from feeling lost and confused about what your purpose is, to feeling clear and confident, and experience the direction and alignment that comes with knowing exactly what your life’s mission and message is, the people you are called to serve by it and how you can execute on it.

Please note: You will hear this course being referred to as a “challenge” – that’s because it began as such. However, we improved the value and quality of the content, and packaged it into a Course, that is a launching pad for the 4-month Purpose to Profession Programme.

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Be prepared to be honest with yourself and make brave decisions for your life and your profession.

When you’re done with the challenge, you’ll have all it takes to live excellently, creatively and most importantly, PURPOSEFULLY!

The contents of the course:

  1. How to take a life audit
  2. Is Purpose and passion synonymous? (Spoiler: NO)
  3. The genius of turning your purpose into your profession
  4. Do we have ONE or different purpose over our life time?
  5. How to have confidence in your purpose
  6. Making the most of time and chances
  7. How to be a Return on [God’s] Investment
  8. How to know you are ready to step into your purpose
  9. The cloud analogy
  10. Purpose discovery – Key #1
  11. Purpose discovery – Key #2
  12. Purpose discovery – Key #3
  13. Purpose discovery – Key #4
  14. Purpose discovery – Key #5
  15. How purpose aids in your character development
  16. The 6 professions to live out your purpose
  17. How to profit from your purpose
  18. What to do when purpose feels lonely
  19. Knowing which sphere you’re called to influence
  20. What is the point of it all?
  21. Best next steps after the course


The course consists of:

  • 21 audio and video teachings
  • Our signature worksheet (Purpose Sweet Spot)

It is accessible on this site, via your Membership Account which will be created as soon as you purchase the challenge.