High Earning Purpose Practitioner – Masterclass


You can be a High Earning Young Professional, doing work you actually love… after THIS Masterclass!

A live, interactive and value-packed session that will give you all the strategies to increase your value as a young professional, and the tools to eloquently articulate that value so you can occupy positions you’ve desired and command the remuneration on par with that value.


+ High-Earners’ Value Proposition TEMPLATE

This will give help you structure and formulate your value-add for:

  • Job interviews
  • Performance reviews
  • Promotion discussions
  • Closing sales with your high-value clients
  • Pitching for brand partnerships

+ 34 Revenue Generating IDEAS

To help you turn your Strengths into [multiple] Streams of Income.

+ High-Earners Career ROADMAP

A step-by-step guide to help you practically apply the strategies from the Masterclass, and map out your career journey

+ Purpose Sweet Spot WORKSHEET

Our Signature worksheet, to help you gain clarity on your unique purpose – helping you answer the Who, What and How of your Why.

Imagine investing R950 on this offer and in return:

  • Making an additional R9 500 per month from your new side hustle or stream of income
  • Earning R95 000 from a single brand collaboration
  • Generating R950 000 per annum in your own business
  • Negotiating a R950 000 CTC for your [new] Corporate role
  • Developing the High-Earner’s mindset and ethic that leads to you investing in asset classes well over R9,5mil in value

… WITHOUT haggling, begging or pleading!

Payment is simple:

Click the “Add to Cart” button and head on over to “Checkout” which will take you to a secure payment platform, where you can enter your details and make the payment in your preferred method.

Making this investment makes you an official member of the Purpose Practitioners Club – an association for young professionals who are actively engaging in (or pursuing) arts, disciplines and professions in line with their purpose.

So welcome to the Club!


Once you have made your investment, WooCommerce (our e-commerce store platform) will send you an email with your membership account details.

Upon logging in, you’ll get immediate access to all the package bonuses:

  1. High-Earners’ Value Proposition TEMPLATE
  2. 34 Revenue Generating IDEAS
  3. High-Earners Career ROADMAP
  4. Purpose Sweet Spot WORKSHEET

And most of all, the MASTERCLASS..

Here is our guarantee to you:

If you go through the Masterclass and all the material provided, and implement the strategies, steps and ideas, and nothing works; we will give you a full refund!

Why are we giving such high value at this low rate?

  • We just got hit by an unexpected pandemic which showed us that making more money is extremely beneficial. We want to make that a possibility for you.
  • We’re showing gratitude for still running a life-changing, profitable business.
  • We desire to transform you from being a mere Young Professional to being a High Earning Purpose Practitioner

Why should you act now?

We’ve been intentional about packaging this offer as an affordable product that we’re making available to a limited number of young professionals, and only opening it for a limited time.

After that, it is going back to being a high-end service valued at R3 000.

This is literally a STEAL – so make the most of it.