Purpose meets Profession – Quiz

  You should take this quiz if you are:

·         Feeling stuck in your technical job but aren’t sure where to start searching for purpose and meaningful work,

·         Longing for a career that will fulfil you, work that challenges and energizes you and makes waking up in the morning a joy,

·         Convinced that you are called for a greater destiny, but haven’t yet found the strategies and tools to help you reach it,

·        Would love to earn a good living while impacting the world with your gifts, strengths and experience.

It is the first step to your Purpose and Profession aligning.

Here’s what the results of the quiz will reveal to you:

Career Satisfaction

Gauge your current career-satisfaction level, and how to increase it.

Purpose Sweet Spot

Identify and understand the 3 elements that make up your Purpose Sweet Spot – helping you answer the “Why” of your life and profession.

Purpose Alignment

Reveal the steps to take in aligning your profession with your purpose.

Unlimited earning potential

Expose you to the unlimited earning potential of a Purpose Practitioner, and a purpose-driven profession.

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