Purpose to Profession

Nothing is better than for you to find joy in the work that you do. THAT is your heritage!

Ref: Ecclesiastes 3:22

Own time, own terms.

Fulfilling work or maybe a new career altogether.

Making decent money while impacting the world for the better.


Can you relate to any of these experiences?

  • You want to discover your purpose but you have no idea where to start – no plan and no sense of direction
  • You’ve read books and listened to videos about purpose but have not found anything you can apply practically
  • You feel trapped, claustrophobic, frustrated and as if you are knocking your head against a brick wall
  • You are currently bored and aren’t challenged in your current employment
  • Although you’re doing well in your career and are paid sufficiently, you believe there is more to you and your yearn for more out of life
  • You are generally a confident person but your current job has you always second-guessing yourself, and your intelligence
  • You don’t know how to turn your gifts into a career that will be sustainable

What if I told you there was a way to DISCOVER your purpose, ALIGN that purpose to a profession, and THRIVE in that profession sustainably?

I’m Mpumi K. Mbonane, a Purpose Alignment Strategist.

This hasn’t always been the case though.

I studied an Engineering degree while knowing that I was not called to that field. But you know how it is with black families – the children have to take the family out of the poverty, by any means necessary. So I had to sacrifice the 4 years that it would take to get my BSc Mining Eng. qualification.

The pain I felt in varsity is nothing compared to the misery I experienced in 2017. Every day felt empty and purposeless. I cried myself to sleep and prayed myself out of words. I was yearning to know what God had put me on this Earth for. I hated the job I was doing. There was major injustice within my work environment and I couldn’t stand it.

But everything changed for the better in 2018 when I was endowed with a blueprint on all the stages of purpose discovery and realization. I was in a new job, and I got exposed to SO MUCH – I learnt myself anew; my mission to the world got clear; I invested in coaches and programmes that helped me package my purpose; and I made the choice to live out my purpose through a business channel.

Today, I work in Purpose Practitioners Club (my own firm) to help other young professionals who feel stuck in careers they settled for and jobs they quite frankly hate, to turn their purpose into fulfilling, impactful and sustainable professions.

My days are happier. The young professionals I serve are experiencing transformation. My business is on track to replace my 9-5 salary and I am preparing to go full-time, this year!



A comprehensive course that will help you go from feeling lost and confused about what your purpose is, to feeling clear and confident, and experience the direction and alignment that comes with knowing: exactly what your life’s mission and message is, the people you are called to serve by it and, the profession to best execute on it.

We apply the Discover – Align – Thrive model that unpacks our proprietary 15 P’s of Purpose Framework.

Module 1
  • Life audit
  • Unpack your purpose story
Module 2
  • Uncover your gifts and purpose enablers
  • Get clear on your message
Module 3
  • Discover your 5 core talent-based strengths
Module 4
  • Know the Sphere of Influence you are called to and the strategies to thrive in it
  • Get clear on your mission
Module 5
  • Target market clarity
Module 6
  • Capitalize on your experiential skills (from your qualification and the jobs you’ve done)
  • Decide on the best profession for your purpose
  • Turn ALL your core strengths into multiple streams of income
Module 7
  • Create a communication strategy and content plan to position yourself as an expert in your field
Module 8
  • Build your value ladder by packaging your offer
Module 9
  • Decide on your profitable business model
Module 10
  • Learn how to position your brand
  • Determine your marketing strategies and tactics
Module 11
  • Learn the 5 key investments you should make to grow your profession
Module 12
  • Time management – to maximize your impact and profit
Month 13
  • Financial preparation – replace your income and go full-time as a purpose practitioner



  • Video Trainings (12 Modules) accessible in your Membership Account – created as soon as you enroll
  • Practicums – step by step guidance on how to put into practice what you learnt in the training modules
  • Workbooks
  • Complimentary access to 6 months of Club Membership benefits which includes:
    • Live Coaching
    • Masterminds – club members helping each other with solutions
    • Hot seats – you bring a challenge or a blocker and receive strategy
  • 1 year access to the training material and recordings of the Live sessions
  • Exclusive Accountability Community via a private group
    • Being a Purpose Practitioner means you often pour into others. This group is there for those who are on a similar journey to you to support and motivate you
    • To share successes and milestones
  • Time commitment:
    • The training material can take you a minimum of 3 months to go through
    • Set aside 1 hour every second week for our live Zoom sessions


You get these absolutely FREE when you enroll in the course.

Discovering my Purpose – Online Course Valued at R545

This 21-lesson online course is just what you need to deal with all the mental blocks that you’d encounter on your purpose journey. It’ll help you see how your purpose evolves over time, what to do when purpose feels lonely, and how to garner up the confidence to do exactly what you need to. It will teach you how to get a good return on investments by using your time and chances well. You’ll know when the right time to step into your purpose is, and understand exactly what it means to be under God’s cloud.

High-Earning Purpose Practitioners Masterclass (with templates) Valued at R950

High-Earners’ Value Proposition

This will give help you structure and formulate your value-add for:
• Job interviews
• Performance reviews
• Promotion discussions
• Closing sales with your high-value clients
• Pitching for brand partnerships

+ 34 Revenue Generating IDEAS

From your talent-based strengths

+ High-Earners Career ROADMAP

A step-by-step guide to help you practically and map out your career journey

+ Purpose Sweet Spot WORKSHEET

Our Signature worksheet, to help you gain clarity on your unique purpose – helping you answer the Who, What and How of your Why.



  • Found yourself, understand parts of you that were hidden and are embracing the things that make you unique and valuable to this world
  • Defined your niche and started a successful side hustle that will become your permanent source of income
  • Resigned from your current employment within the next 6-12 months
  • Not waking up every morning for work you hate – wasting your time and efforts
  • Gradually building your dream job
  • Generating your own revenue and not having to rely on an employer
  • Having not just one, but multiple streams on income
  • The depression, anxiety and worthlessness you’ve been feeling have dissipated
  • Exploring meaningful and creative avenues to live out your purpose
  • Possess a new zest for life and are enjoying the freedom that comes with living authentically
  • Helping the people and solving the problems you’ve always desired to




We always want to make sure that you are served and satisfied, and that you are getting the most out of your investment. Therefore we want to remove as much risk from you as we possibly can.

If, after 30 DAYS of enrolling in the programme, you have gone through the training material (including the bonuses), attended the live group and one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions, have diligently applied yourself and you are not getting enlightened about your purpose and the possible ways to live it out, reach out to us on info@purposepractitioners.club and we’ll initiate the refund and off-boarding process.

I’m looking forward to walking your purpose journey with you.