Success Stories

Rudo Tshabalala, Dietitian

“I connected with Mpumi when I was getting ready to start my private practice. I wanted to learn how to operate a business as a qualified dietitian and how to get clients. After ascertaining that being a dietician was a channel to live out my purpose: she asked questions that prompted me to think deeper about who exactly my client base will be, and she helped me develop strategies that will add value to their lives. We also addressed possible hurdles in getting clients and adequately serving them and strategized on how to get through those hurdles, if they arise. Mpumi’s coaching ensured that by the time the doors of my practice opened, I was ready to meet each of my clients’ needs.

Mpumi prepared me mentally and emotionally for my business. She gave me the confidence to run my business, and focus on what I should do. From working with her, I got clear on my purpose to where I refuse offers that are not aligned to what I know I should be doing with my life.

If you are confused about your life purpose, have doubts about your abilities, and if you want to start a new business venture, you need the eye of an expert, and Mpumi is that. I’m eternally grateful for her help.”
Kwanele Mkhwanazi

I applied for a certain Medical programme at Wits and did not get accepted me, because competition was apparently tight, since the caliber of people applying had more than just one qualification, unlike me. I was advised that in order to better my chances of acceptance into the program I would have to do an honours degree. I got demotivated and so conflicted when everyone I asked about this option told me it would be an utter waste of my time. I was left not knowing what to do.

Before giving up, Mpumi Mbonane came to mind. Approaching Mpumi comes easy because of her sisterly and welcoming nature and her genuine willingness to always help, in the best way she can.
I contacted her and she promptly got me on a coaching call. What I appreciated about the session was that she did not tell me what to do. She did not decide for me. All she did was ask me questions that only I could answer, and my answers to those questions helped me decide what was best for me. After the call, I was left feeling like I can take on the world as long as it is what I want to do, and I set my mind to it.

So I definitely recommend Mpumi because unlike other people who are quick to say: “I think you should do one, two and three…” she does not do that. She guides her clients and help steer them in the right direction, which then allows them to choose what option suits them best.

I’m happy to report that after following through on the strategies Mpumi helped me develop, I got into the programme directly, and am now happily pursuing my dream career.

I’ll forever appreciate you for that, Mpumi.